February 15, 2018

My Soft Opening

Explores the ins and outs of obsessive minds through comedic interviews with recovering addicts, alcoholics, sex addicts, love addicts, overeaters, underearners, debtors, gamblers, anorexics, compulsive clutterers, codependents and the people that come from them, love them, study them, and intentionally seek to create them. 

Learn how to harness your habits, control your crazy, and get a little space between thoughts and actions. 

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Interview with badass writer queer activist sober mama Michelle Tea.

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LMA talks with writer, musician, and photographer Paul Myers about his 20 years of sobriety, being a creative force, god concepts, white supremacy, and smashing the patriarchy.

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An intimate interview with incredible eating disorder expert Sofia Benbahmed about recovery, the struggle, solutions, and tools. Sofia discusses her 15+ years of experience with eating disorder addiction/recovery, mental health, and following her dreams. 

The audio isn't super great so if you want to help buy me microphones and hire a post production audio person to fix that shit, you can do so here: Patreon or through Venmo @FrankieNorstad

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Interventionist Patti Pike from CanAm Interventions explains attachment disorders, the problem with terms like codependency and enabling, and gives tips to help Frankie on where she's gone wrong in her own unsuccessful interventions of family members. 

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March 11, 2018

005 - Anonymous - Addict

Interview with a Native American recovering addict, Christian, mother of two, nursing student who is in a relationship with another addict and living her dreams.

A fun interview with Erica Garza - author of the newly released memoir Getting Off: One Woman's Journey Through Sex and Porn Addiction. We talk sex, sex addiction, porn, masturbation, slaa, saa, cosa, the hoffman process, and parenthood.



Little Miss Addict

Gabby F. has an incredible life story. She is an atheist, comes from an extreme background, and has not only maintained recovery for 21 years, she is a foster mother of 3, and a PhD candidate with extensive knowledge in trauma response, disassociation disorders, and incarceration. Her goal is to go into adolescent development to help prevent incarceration. She is a fucking rockstar. 

http://LittleMissAddict.com       http://FrankieNorstad.com 

Interview with an adopted addict named Anthony who got clean at 54 years after realizing that his financial and material successes didn't exclude him from being an addict. We talked spiritual quests, finding birth families, and being in relationship with other recovering addicts. 

Tijanna is an incredibly inspiring recovering heroin and crack addict with 24 years clean and sober. We talk about her journey from being a homeless sex worker in San Francisco to buying a three bedroom home with her partner of 8 years. She is a mother, a grandmother, and an icon in the kink community. She explains polyamory for the curious and breaks down the scorching hotness behind consent and communication. Listen and learn!

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