Episode 22 is with a dear friend who was born and raised in the Bay Area, got into recovery at 22, moved to Israel to deepen his relationship with the G-d of his understanding, got married, had a son, did some geographics, had a relapse, went to rehab in Jerusalem, and is now clean and sober once again. He has a well of wisdom built in part by his wonderfully unique experiences. Check him out! 

Episode 21 is with Annette Richmond, founder of Fat Girls Traveling and all around creative badass who comes from a family of addicts and was raised in 12-step rooms. She is a legend, a force of creative genius, and a teacher of abundant self love.  

Here is a link to Fat Camp and Fat Girls Traveling Instagram.



Interview with an awesome adopted recovering alcoholic/addict/underearner and survivor of incest about his recovery from trauma and learning to live his dream. We discuss some seriously impressive tools he has developed that would be useful to even people who were not touched by creepy family members. He is a true example of living in the light and doing the work. 

Bucky Sinister talks poetry, cults, comedy, and ego in this wonderfully funny and candid interview. 

Juan Carlos is a recovering addict and poet who grew up gang banging in South Central LA. We talk about trauma, education, parenting, relapse, how to do the first step, sponsorship, and meditation. He is truly a shining example of what recovery does in people's lives. 

Episode 017 is with an addict whose first drug of choice was food. She got cleanat 18 years old in Narcotics Anonymous and found abstinence around her food addiction through Greysheeters Anonymous, a 12-step program that centers around the original food plan created by Overeaters Anonymous. We talk secret eating, grazing, using drugs to aide in body image and food abuse. We talk about staying abstinent when there are cookies and cakes in meetings, food centered relationships, and the joys of canned corned beef hash. You can literally hear my own denial cracking during this interview. 

May 29, 2018

016 - Tara - Addict

Episode 016 is with Tara, a pansexual Wiccan EMT/massage therapist/personal trainer and all around healing badass. We talk leveling up in recovery, processing anger, transphobia, abusive relationships in active addiction, the opiate epidemic, and more. I do a fair bit more talking than normal. I just kept hijacking the conversation! Oops, but enjoy. 

A funny and eye-opening conversation with Nicholaus who, as a teenage heroin addict, accidentally signed up to cook on Alaskan cruise ships. A comedic mistake that turned out to be his saving grace. In recovery he has graduated from NYU with a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, gotten married to a recovery badass, moved multiple times, and currently works to dismantle subconscious systemic racism in Silicone Valley. We talk about being raised by hippies, growing up in bro culture, segregation in meetings, the sociological problems with judging others, and the massive global transformation we are currently experiencing. It gets deep, grab your scuba gear.

Episode 014 is with David a brilliant recovering addict/gambling addict who had a temporary stint as a Nazi skinhead after being institutionalized on and off from 13-27 years old. We talk about his 18 years of recovery, gambling, gangs, politics, hitting bottom while clean, and racism. 

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